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Born in Cuba, Nikki was raised in New Jersey by an amazing mother who believed that you learn all you can and enjoy it!  From a very early age, Nikki was exposed to African music from her religious background.
At 33 she was ordained as a Priestess toYemaya, bringing her even closer to the African rhythms through prayer. In 1998, Nikki joined an AfroCuban guiro group named Oshumare where she sang and played the Shekere (agbe) for 5 years.
In her travels to learn more musically, Nikki began studying djembe with Zeva Soroker and became excited about learning more about African percussion. She went to see Venus Rising perform on Earth Day and became intoxicated with their sounds and rhythms.  After hearing Nikki play the Shekere, Zeva invited her to join Venus Rising. Nikki humbly accepted and became part of Venus Rising in May 2013. Nikki has found great peace and balance through this wonderful group of women from all walks of life who become one when they play.

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