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Corina began her dance training at the age of five and grew up studying ballet, modern, tap and jazz.  As a teen she was a member of the Ft. Lauderdale Ballet Classique. In college at UC Berkeley,  she began to explore various  dances of the African disapora, Afro-Haitian being the first.  She fell in love with this and other forms, including Afro-Cuban and West African dance.  She was a performing memeber of the C.K. Ladzepko West African Dance Ensemble in Oakland and Berkeley and also studied and performed West African percussion.  Upon moving back to Miami, Corina finally embarked on her journey into Middle Eastern Dance, which she had been attracted to for a while.  Being of Israeli, Syrian and Egyptian descent, this would be the first ethnic dance form from her own background.  In Miami Corina has studied and performed with Iroko Afro-Cuban Dance Theatre, Ayizan Kreole, Harmonic Motion, Venus Rising, Sikan Afro-Cuban Dance Project and The Takada Womens’s Ensemble, which she founded.  Corina has also choreographed solo and group pieces in various genres and fusions.  Her 2010 production, Shakti Rising, explored the physical, emotional, spiritual, and transformation aspects of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.  Involving various genres of dance and percussion, narration, and ritual, this piece weaves together Corina's professional life as a midwife, personal life as a mother, and creative life as a dancer, writer and choreographer.  

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