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As long as she can remember, Verona has loved to dance and has developed a deep appreciation for many expressive art forms. For the past twelve years, Verona has been a fitness instructor for a popular fitness club where she teaches a variety of fitness techniques. She is energetic and radiates a passion for African / world music and their instruments (mainly the drums). Being the newest member of the company now for the last 2 years Verona feels that, "it has been a divinely guided pleasure and blessing, to see my dream and lifelong passion for music and dance manifest." In addition to being a true devotee of music and dance, Verona is affectionately known as the "carnival baby," as she is a true lover of carnival masquerading, the music, and the culture. Verona has travelled and participated in several carnivals around the world.

Verona actively continues to devote her life to health and exercise taking great pleasure in sharing information that can improve our lifestyles. She is a firm believer that the overall well-being of our lives is increased through dance and physical fitness, which in turn enhances our psychological capabilities that benefit all aspects of our daily living.

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