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Originally born in Caracas, Grecia, the daughter of Venezuela's premiere Jazz musician and well-known composer, Alberto Naranjo, began her musical career at a very early age, as a singer and percussionist, performing, touring internationally, and recording with her father's band. An experienced educator, Grecia has over 15 years of teaching experience at the university, junior high, and preschool levels. She has spent many years researching and applying music education and movement techniques toward children’s cognitive development. In addition, she is the founder and director of Bilingual Bambinos, a unique musical communicative approach to learning a new language. She wrote and developed the Bilingual Bambinos curriculum, including a CD and songbook. Grecia received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree and Masters of Arts in Education, is a certified MusicTogether instructor, and holds a Florida Professional Educator Certificate to teach grades K-12.

A lifelong lover of music, rhythm and performing, Grecia's rhythmic interests include West African, Afro-Cuban, Caribbean, Latin Jazz and Japanese Taiko music. She has received her drumming instruction from such talented instructors as Paul Paitchell, Goetz Kujack, Sammy Figueroa, Jan Sebon!, Zeva Soroker, Mohamed Da Costa, Miguel Cruz, Ben Isaacs. In addition, Grecia has studied Taiko drumming with Ben Miller, Fernando Moraes, Lucas Elkayem and Shihan Hideki Matsuda. Fluent in English and Spanish, Grecia has experience in promoting and booking artists, and is currently busy teaching, recording, as well as performing as a percussionist with several  professional groups.

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